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New Clip Released from ‘Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’

Quick little bit of news today. A new clip has been released from Summertime Entertainment’s Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, which should hit theaters in the U.S. in 3-D on May 2, 2014 May 9, 2014.

This clip mostly consists of the song Work With Me written by Bryan Adams. This is one of the clips that was shown at a sneak peek of the movie (back when it was called Dorothy of Oz) at the Chesterton, Indiana Wizard of Oz festival last year. 

If you don’t smile once during this clip, you have no soul. (x)

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August 3, 2012

Patrick Stwart will provide the voice of a character named Tugg in the animated musical Dorothy of Oz, which opens today. He joins a cast that includes Lea Michele, Megan Hilty, Martin Short, Hugh Dancy, and TNG guest Kelsey Grammer, who played Captain Morgan Bateson in “Cause and Effect.”

- Star Trek Magazine

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