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@msleamichele addressing the audience with #MartinShort & #JimBelushi at #LegendsOfOz (x)

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The songs in our film are a pivotal part of the story, as they both introduce the new characters, and help carry the characters through their adventure. We couldn’t have asked for a better musical crew, combining the extreme experience and talents of Bryan, Tift, Jim Dooley, Jim Vallance and Mike Himmelstein. Added to that, we have some of the best vocal talents in the industry right now, such as Lea Michele (Dorothy), Megan Hilty (China Princess) and Martin Short (the Jester). All of them helped bring these already wonderful new songs to a new level. There are a total of seven brand new songs in the film, and a couple more in the end credits.
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August 3, 2012

Patrick Stwart will provide the voice of a character named Tugg in the animated musical Dorothy of Oz, which opens today. He joins a cast that includes Lea Michele, Megan Hilty, Martin Short, Hugh Dancy, and TNG guest Kelsey Grammer, who played Captain Morgan Bateson in “Cause and Effect.”

- Star Trek Magazine

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